Electromagnons and instabilities in magnetoelectric materials with non-collinear spin orders

M A van der Vegte , C.P. van der Vegte , M. Mostovoy



We show that strong electromagnon peaks can be found in absorption spectra of non-collinear magnets exhibiting a linear magnetoelectric effect. The frequencies of these peaks coincide with the frequencies of antiferromagnetic resonances and the ratio of the spectral weights of the electromagnon and antiferromagnetic resonance is related to the ratio of the static magnetoelectric constant and magnetic susceptibility. Using a Kagome lattice antiferromagnet as an example, we show that frustration of spin ordering gives rise to magnetoelastic instabilities at strong spin-lattice coupling, which transform a non-collinear magnetoelectric spin state into a collinear multiferroic state with a spontaneous electric polarization and magnetization. The Kagome lattice antiferromagnet also shows a ferroelectric incommensurate-spiral phase, where polarization is induced by the exchange striction mechanism.
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StatusPublished - 17-jul.-2009

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