Electronic properties of germanane field-effect transistors

B.N. Madhushankar, A. Kaverzin, T. Giousis, G. Potsi, D. Gournis, P. Rudolf, G.R. Blake, C.H. van der Wal, B.J. van Wees

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A new two dimensional (2D) material—germanane—has been synthesised recently with promising electrical and optical properties. In this paper we report the first realisation of germanane field-effect transistors fabricated from multilayer single crystal flakes. Our germanane devices show transport in both electron and hole doped regimes with on/off current ratio of up to 10e5(10e4) and carrier mobilities of 150  cm2 (Vs)−1(70 cm2 (Vs)−1) at 77 K (room temperature). A significant enhancement of the device conductivity under illumination with 650 nm red laser is observed. Our results reveal ambipolar transport properties of germanane with great potential for (opto)electronics applications.
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Tijdschrift2D Materials
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StatusPublished - 3-mrt.-2017

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