Emerging roles for long noncoding RNAs in B-cell development and malignancy

M. Winkle*, J. L. Kluiver, A. Diepstra, A. van den Berg

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Long noncoding (Inc)RNAs have emerged as essential mediators of cellular biology, differentiation and malignant transformation. LncRNAs have a broad range of possible functions at the transcriptional, posttranscriptional and protein level and their aberrant expression significantly contributes to the hallmarks of cancer cell biology. In addition, their high tissue- and cell-type specificity makes lncRNAs especially interesting as biomarkers, prognostic factors or specific therapeutic targets. Here, we review current knowledge on lncRNA expression changes during normal B-cell development, indicating essential functions in the differentiation process. In addition we address lncRNA deregulation in B-cell malignancies, the putative prognostic value of this as well as the molecular functions of multiple deregulated lncRNAs. Altogether, the discussed work indicates major roles for lncRNAs in normal and malignant B cells affecting oncogenic pathways as well as the response to common therapeutics.

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TijdschriftCritical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology
StatusPublished - dec-2017

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