Emotionele 112-gesprekken: emoties, reacties en effecten

Claudia de Widt, Tom Koole, Jos van Berkum

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    Call-takers in emergency call-centres report that one of their most difficult
    tasks is to deal with emotional callers since these have problems in collaborating
    to achieve the goal of the call, the quick and accurate gathering of
    required information. This investigation gives insight in the interaction
    between call-takers and emotional callers. First we map out callers’ emotion
    acts. Then we look how call-takers respond to these acts. And finally we will
    discuss the effects of these responses on the emotional caller. The research
    data consist of 60 calls to the national Dutch emergency call-centre in
    Driebergen and the local emergency call-centre in Utrecht. After categorising
    the emotion acts it became clear that only two of them caused interactional
    problems. Crying callers do not stick to the rules of sequential organization.
    Screaming callers go against the rules of turn organization. Not only do callers
    behave differently, also call-takers respond differently to different emotion
    acts. Crying is more often responded to with sympathetic responses while
    screaming more often receives directives.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageEmotional emergency calls: emotions, responses and effects
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    StatusPublished - 2014

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