Empowering women for creative solutions in interpersonal conflict at work

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Creativity plays a crucial role in interpersonal conflict within organizations, yet little research has explored its antecedents in this context. This study investigates power and gender as the main determinants of creativity in interpersonal conflict within organizational contexts.

Two studies were conducted. The first study involved 226 employees from various organizations (Mage = 39.39, SD = 10.39), while the second study utilized a conflict simulation with 160 participants (Mage = 36.90, SD = 10.45) forming dyads. Both studies investigated the impact of relative power (i.e., having more power than the other person) on creativity in conflict, with a focus on the moderating role of gender. Study 2 also manipulated contextual creativity, which served as an additional moderator in this relationship.

Results largely supported our hypotheses, indicating a positive relationship between relative power and creativity in conflict. Importantly, this relationship was stronger among women. Study 2 further focused on the distinct dimensions of creativity, highlighting differences between idea originality and effectiveness.

This research contributes novel insights into the understanding of creativity within organizational conflicts, emphasizing the interplay between relative power, gender, and creativity. Additionally, the exploration of different dimensions of creativity (i.e., originality and effectiveness) adds depth to existing literature in this area.

Practical Implications:
The findings hold practical significance for organizational leaders and conflict resolution practitioners, and they further underscore the importance of considering gender dynamics in conflict resolution processes within organizations.
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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Conflict Management
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StatusE-pub ahead of print - 23-mei-2024


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