Endocarditis: Effects of routine echocardiography during Gram-positive bacteraemia

F J Vos, C P Bleeker-Rovers, P D Sturm, P F M Krabbe, A P J van Dijk, W J G Oyen, B J Kullberg

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    BACKGROUND: Despite firm recommendations to perform echocardiography in high-risk patients with Gram-positive bacteraemia, routine echocardiography is not embedded in daily practice in many settings. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether a regime including routine echocardiography results in better outcome.

    METHODS: A total of 115 patients with Gram-positive bacteraemia and at least one risk factor for developing metastatic infection were prospectively included. Routine echocardiography was advocated and facilitated in these patients. Results were compared with a matched historical control group of 230 patients in whom echocardiography was performed at the discretion of the attending physician. Endocarditis was diagnosed according to the Duke criteria.

    RESULTS: Echocardiography was performed more often in the study group (82 vs 27%, p.

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    TijdschriftThe Netherlands Journal of Medicine
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    StatusPublished - 22-sep.-2011

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