Energy technology, policy and valuation

André B. Dorsman, John L. Simpson*, Wim Westerman

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    This chapter provides a preview to the motivation of the book which is to report new research undertaken in energy technology, policy and valuation issues and more specifically to cover this title in three parts to include innovation and shocks, environment and renewables and finally, fossil fuels regulation. The contents of the book provide readers with an international as well as several country specific perspectives which are included to complement to the global nature of the research. The editors trust that the book will be well received and enjoyed by anyone with an academic and/or a business interest in energy and value issues.

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    TitelEnergy Technology and Valuation Issues
    RedacteurenAndré Dorsman, Wim Westerman, John L. Simpson
    UitgeverijSpringer International Publishing
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    StatusPublished - 1-jan-2015

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