Enhanced Strain in Functional Nanoporous Gold with a Dual Microscopic Length Scale Structure

Eric Detsi, Sergey Punzhin, Jiancun Rao, Patrick R. Onck, Jeff Th. M. De Hosson*

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We have synthesized nanoporous Au with a dual microscopic length scale by exploiting the crystal structure of the alloy precursor. The synthesized mesoscopic material is characterized by stacked Au layers of submicrometer thickness. In addition, each layer displays nanoporosity through the entire bulk. It is shown that the thickness of these layers can be tailored via the grain size of the alloy precursor. The two-length-scale structure enhances the functional properties of nanoporous gold, leading to charge-induced strains of amplitude up to 6%, which are roughly 2 orders of magnitude larger than in nanoporous Au with the standard one-length-scale porous morphology. A model is presented to describe these phenomena.

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TijdschriftAcs Nano
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StatusPublished - mei-2012

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