Enhancing social outcomes from mega urban transport development: An integrated approach to transport and spatial planning

Ju Hyun Lee


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    Achieving broader social outcomes from mega urban infrastructure development has been a challenge across the globe. There have been long-standing discussions on the critical role of mega urban transport infrastructure as an agent of change for sustainable and equitable urban development. In practice, limitations in decision-making process and limited positive outcomes from mega urban transport projects can be seen, not only in the West but also elsewhere such as in Asia. This study seeks to examine broader social outcomes from mega urban transport development given spatial changes induced by such development, and explore how an integrated approach to transport and spatial planning can contribute to enhancing life opportunities for all. It investigates the interplay between transport and spatial development at multiple levels by conducting case studies of metro projects in metropolises – London and Seoul. The study shows that the expansion of urban transport networks alone does not guarantee greater accessibility for all. Enhancing social outcomes requires carefully designed integrated planning processes at macro and micro scales, institutional congruence between sectors and levels, and capable actors to operationalise an integrated approach. Furthermore, it addresses the necessity of a context-specific approach to an integrated planning that reflects diverse societal needs and local circumstances in order to ensure fair distribution of outcomes across a city. Other megacities can learn from these findings – especially those cities who consider integration of land use and transport to achieve sustainable urban development.
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