Ensuring meaningful lifelong learning opportunities for groups at risk

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Lifelong learning is indispensable if one wants to keep oneself up-to-date in the changing reality of the world today. This is not only valid for the so-called Western world, but also for less privileged parts of the world where globalisation has penetrated with the accompanying requisite knowledge and skills. Consequently, the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (agreed in September 2015) is directed not only at ensuring education for all, but also at opportunities for lifelong learning. In her PhD thesis about lifelong learning for groups at risk, Josje van der Linden brings together research findings from different contexts – more and less stable, more and less developed, more and less rich in resources. The cases stem from Sudan, South Sudan, Mozambique, Uganda and the Netherlands. Together, they result in a wide palette of participants, programmes and organisation types. Although the contexts are different, participants from ‘groups at risk’ possess more potential than the characterisation ‘groups at risk’ makes us believe. If the experiences, resilience and ambitions of these groups form the basis for learning activities, the effect of the Sustainable Development Goal may go beyond rhetoric and meaningful learning will become feasible, also for them. As regular education programmes do not by default serve groups at risk, special attention must be given to policy, implementation and research. The professionals involved in this challenge have to be prepared to go off the beaten track and work collectively in research and learning communities to create meaningful learning opportunities for all, including groups at risk.
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