Environmental and financial impact of the current meat-based diet for the Zorggroep Drenthe

Wietze Hoogeveen*, Niels Alberts, Vera Verhage

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This report discusses a research about the climatic and financial impact of the meals served at the Zorggroep Drenthe. First, the reasons for this research and the problem will be elaborated on. Next, the research plan gives an outline of how the research was conducted and what variables were taken into account. Then, the model will be discussed and the results will be shown in the forms of weight, costs and CO2-equivalents, including a vegetarian and vegan scenario. Lastly, a discussion with several considerations and future research opportunities are given.
Originele taal-2English
UitgeverijScience Shop, University of Groningen
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StatusPublished - 19-jan.-2024

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