Epigenetic age-predictor for mice based on three CpG sites

Yang Han, Monika Eipel, Julia Franzen, Vadim Sakk, Bertien Dethmers-Ausema, Laura Yndriago, Ander Izeta, Gerald de Haan, Hartmut Geiger, Wolfgang Wagner*

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Epigenetic clocks for mice were generated based on deep-sequencing analysis of the methylome. Here, we demonstrate that site-specific analysis of DNA methylation levels by pyrosequencing at only three CG dinucleotides (CpGs) in the genes Prima1, Hsf4, and Kcns1 facilitates precise estimation of chronological age in murine blood samples, too. DBA/2 mice revealed accelerated epigenetic aging as compared to C57BL6 mice, which is in line with their shorter life-expectancy. The three-CpG-predictor provides a simple and cost-effective biomarker to determine biological age in large intervention studies with mice.

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StatusPublished - 24-aug-2018

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