Epigenome-Wide DNA Methylation and Pesticide Use in the Agricultural Lung Health Study

BIOS Consortium, Thanh T. Hoang, Cancan Qi, Kimberly C. Paul, Mikyeong Lee, Julie D. White, Marie Richards, Scott S. Auerbach, Stuart Long, Srishti Shrestha, Tianyuan Wang, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Jonathan N. Hofmann, Christine Parks, Cheng-Jian Xu, Beate Ritz, Gerard H. Koppelman, Stephanie J. London*

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BACKGROUND: Pesticide exposure is associated with many long-term health outcomes; the potential underlying mechanisms are not well established for most associations. Epigenetic modifications, such as DNA methylation, may contribute. Individual pesticides may be associated with specific DNA methylation patterns but no epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) has evaluated methylation in relation to individual pesticides.

OBJECTIVES: We conducted an EWAS of DNA methylation in relation to several pesticide active ingredients.

METHODS: The Agricultural Lung Health Study is a case-control study of asthma, nested within the Agricultural Health Study. We analyzed blood DNA methylation measured using Illumina's EPIC array in 1,170 male farmers of European ancestry. For pesticides still on the market at blood collection (2009-2013), we evaluated nine active ingredients for which at least 30 participants reported past and current (within the last 12 months) use, as well as seven banned organochlorines with at least 30 participants reporting past use. We used robust linear regression to compare methylation at individual C-phosphate-G sites (CpGs) among users of a specific pesticide to never users.

RESULTS: Using family-wise error rate (p < 9 x 10(-8)) or false-discovery rate (FDR

DISCUSSION: We identified differential methylation for several active ingredients in male farmers of European ancestry. These may serve as biomarkers of chronic exposure and could inform mechanisms of long-term health outcomes from pesticide exposure.

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TijdschriftEnvironmental Health Perspectives
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StatusPublished - sep-2021

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