Epilogue: A Systemic View of Dutch Cultural Policy in the Next 25 Years

Quirijn van den Hoogen, Edwin van Meerkerk

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    This epilogue takes a step back using the insights brought to light in this book to dwell on Dutch cultural policy in the next 25 years. If anything, the analyses in the preceding chapters have revealed that Dutch cultural policy is very systematic: it developed into an intricate system with particular roles for policy agents and particular subsidy regimes for different types of cultural institutions. For example, there is the Basic Infrastructure for those institutions deemed indispensable to Dutch culture, the funds supporting the more experimental producers of culture, a different subsidy scheme for enhancing audience reach, and a specific budget for international cultural policy. Dutch cultural policy can truly be described as a system. Therefore, in this epilogue we will use a systems theory perspective as a guiding framework and ask ourselves questions as to the future of that system in the coming decades.
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    TitelCultural Policy in the Polder
    Subtitel25 Years Dutch Cultural Policy Act
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    StatusPublished - 30-okt-2018

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