Ernstig geluk: Naar een model voor de analyse van waardenhiërarchieën in theatergebruik

Antine Zijlstra


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    Serious Happiness
    Towards a model for the analysis of value hierarchies in theatre use

    Since the cutbacks in the cultural sector as a result of the recession and changing views, the value of art has been a hot topic. In most cases, we focus on the social value of art and, in a broader sense, culture. Culture, which encompasses art, fulfils a multitude of values, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Meaning-making plays an important role in this: Art gives meaning because it says something about what we value in life and how we view the world. But how do these kinds of meaning-making processes take shape in the real world? And how can they be analysed? This is the problem definition that underpins this study.

    By defining theatre use as a process of meaning-making, a connection is created between the characteristic attributes of the theatrical event, the values it generates, and the interaction with important life goals or human or basic motivational values. This makes it possible to describe the values of theatre use and to connect them in the form of a value hierarchy. The means-end chain model for theatre use, which is the result of this study, offers tools for the analysis of the meaning-making process that takes place during and after the performance and its direct social context. As a result, this study has delivered an instrument for audience research that can be refined and further developed based on further testing.
    The analysis model also offers the possibility to analyse the way the views of users are questioned by the theatrical event and encourages them to think about their existing views. It has become clear that the meaning-making process which takes place during the theatrical event leads to a multi-coloured palette of connected values that are coloured by the process of sensory experience, interpretation and emotional valuation.
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