Erratum: New mechanistic insights into the lignin β-O-4 linkage acidolysis with ethylene glycol stabilization aided by multilevel computational chemistry (ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering (2021) 9:5 (2388-2399)

Alessandra De Santi, Susanna Monti*, Giovanni Barcaro, Zhenlei Zhang, Katalin Barta*, Peter J. Deuss*

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In the Supporting Information of the original article (, the x-axes in Figures S6c and d are wrongly labeled. It is stated that the reaction times are in “minutes”; however, the reaction times are actually in hours. Additionally, for Figure S6d, the indicated times are incorrect. A new Supporting Information file is provided here in which these mistakes have been corrected.

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TijdschriftACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
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StatusPublished - 12-jul.-2021

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