Erratum to "Compliance and tolerability of short-course radiotherapy followed by preoperative chemotherapy and surgery for high-risk rectal cancer - Results of the international randomized RAPIDO-trial" [Radiother. Oncol. 147 (2020) 75-83]

Collaborative investigators, Maxime J M van der Valk*, Corrie A M Marijnen, Boudewijn van Etten, Esmée A Dijkstra, Denise E Hilling, Elma Meershoek-Klein Kranenbarg, Hein Putter, Annet G H Roodvoets, Renu R Bahadoer, Tone Fokstuen, Albert Jan Ten Tije, Jaume Capdevila, Mathijs P Hendriks, Ibrahim Edhemovic, Andrès M R Cervantes, Derk Jan A de Groot, Per J Nilsson, Bengt Glimelius, Cornelis J H van de VeldeGeke A P Hospers

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TijdschriftRadiotherapy and Oncology
StatusPublished - jun.-2020

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