EU sanctions policy and the alignment of third countries

Viktor Szép, Peter Van Elsuwege



Brexit has brought uncertainties concerning the alignment of EU and UK sanctions policies. While both sides are clearly committed towards further cooperation in this area, the question is how this may materialise in practice. This contribution addresses this question from the alignment experience of other third countries. Based upon a legal and statistical analysis of existing models and taking into account relevant UK and EU policy documents and political declarations, the chapter establishes different scenarios for future cooperation in the field of sanctions. It is argued that, in contrast to the experience of other neighbouring countries, cooperation between the EU and the UK will most likely be a more open format for consultation and cooperation rather than a one-way alignment with the EU’s sanctions regimes.
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TitelThe Routledge Handbook on the International Dimension of Brexit
RedacteurenJuan Santos Vara, Ramses A. Wessel, Polly R. Polak
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StatusPublished - okt.-2020
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