European Integration and environmental policy

Paul Ike, Liesbeth Bakker



    There appears to be considerable enthusiasm about the expected macroeconomic consequences of European integration. If we regard integration, however, in the light of the environment and environmental policy, concern seems more appropriate. Predicted growth in production levels will damage the environment even further while the prospects of a, necessary, policy to prevent waste flows and emissions do not appear to have grown. At the same time a certain optimism seems justified because greater European co-operation could lead to an integrated environmental policy to limit transboundary pollution. In view, however, of the prevalence of economic interests and the weak democratic basis of EC decision making, one must doubt whether the European Community has anything to offer along these lines
    Originele taal-2English
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    TijdschriftThe Netherlands Journal of Housing and Environmental Research
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    StatusPublished - 1990


    • European environmental policy

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