European Union power and regional involvement: A Case Study Of The Political Implications Of The Reform Of The Structural Funds For Ireland

Diane Payne, Robert Mokken, Frans Stokman


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The Reform of the Structural Funds process in Ireland, has the potential over time, to curttail the power of the national central public authorities, while increasing the political effectiveness of other actors. 'This policy process comprises a chain of collective decision making processes around important issues. These issues belong to different policy arenas, called the national and sub-national policy arenas. The policy outcomes in the different arenas determined by the interplay of stakeholders with varying capabilities, policy preferences and saliences. Sub-national level actors in Ireland, have become more effective over time in the sub-national policy arena, but remain excluded from the national policy arena. However, the Europcan Commission Directorate General XVI for Regional policy has emerged over time, as the most central actor in both arenas.
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StatusPublished - 1997

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