Examination of the strangeness contribution to the nucleon magnetic moment

XS Chen*, RGE Timmermans, WM Sun, HS Zong, F Wang

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We examine the nucleon strangeness magnetic moment mu(s) with a lowest order meson cloud model. We observe that (1) strangeness in the nucleon is a natural requirement of the empirical relation mu(p)/mu(n)similar or equal to-3/2, which favors an SU(3) octet meson cloud instead of merely the SU(2) pions. (2) In a consistent perturbative calculation, the quark vertex contribution to mu(s) is divergently positive, the meson cloud contribution to mu(s) is divergently negative, and the sum is convergent and negative. (3) In the rest frame of the nucleon, mu(s) cannot be separated into a quark part and an antiquark part, neither can mu(s) be calculated via the spin and orbital angular momentum of the strange quarks and antiquarks. (4) While the overall sign of mu(s) is under debate, the spin part of mu(s) (which is related to the strange quark tensor charge) is better known to be negative.

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TijdschriftPhysical Review C
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StatusPublished - jul-2004

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