Experimental methods to study late-life language learning

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Healthy ageing research has been put high on the research agenda in recent years, with studies investigating which life experiences can contribute to healthy ageing. One life experience that has received abundant attention is multilingualism and, most recently, researchers have focused on the effects of late-life language learning in the absence of lifelong multilingualism. This chapter aims to provide a holistic overview of critical issues and topics that have informed the field of late-life language learning. Crucially, the chapter moves away from a mere focus on cognitive outcomes to incorporate the psychosocial and linguistic effects of late-life language learning. It shows the state of the art of the field, presents its methodological toolkit and provides practical considerations and insights that have emerged from past investigations. The objective of the chapter is to empower and equip researchers wanting to know more about the topic of late-life language learning or add to it.
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