Exploring Construct and Consequential Validity of Collaborative Learning Assessment in Higher Education

Hajo Meijer*, Jasperina Brouwer, Rink Hoekstra, Jan Willem Strijbos

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Despite the advance of collaborative learning in higher education, there is a tension between its assessment and the orientation on students’ individual domain-specific abilities (e.g., knowledge and/or skills) of most higher education curricula. We examined the construct and consequential validity of group assessment, individual assessment, and combined assessment of collaborative learning. Findings showed that the construct and consequential validity of these assessment methods can vary widely within and across cohorts. In view of these findings and considering pragmatic and didactic considerations, combined assessment of collaborative learning might be better suited than group assessment and individual assessment of collaborative learning.

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TijdschriftSmall Group Research
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Vroegere onlinedatum8-jul-2022
StatusPublished - dec-2022

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