Exploring preservice physics teachers’ development of physics identity through the use of multiple representations (MR): Preliminary findings

Nuril Munfaridah, Lucy Avraamidou, Martin Goedhart


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This study is situated in the research area of physics identity, which is conceptualized as
consisting of the following dimensions: performance, competence, interest, and
recognition. The aim of this mixed-methods case study is to explore how preservice physics
teachers develop their physics identities over a specially designed course incorporating the
use of multiple representations (MR) approach. In addition, this study also aims to explore
how preservice physics teachers perceive their experiences in learning with this approach
and how these perceptions of experiences influence their physics identities. The rationale
for this study is rooted within empirical evidence that the use of specific representations,
especially the use of graphs and tables, might influence the development of students’
interest, competence, and self-identification with science. By using MR in the context of an
introductory physics course, quantitative data were collected from 61 preservice physics
teachers through a pre and post- questionnaire measuring physics identity. Statistical
analysis was performed to find a significant difference between pre- and post-test of
students’ scores. Qualitative data were collected from 21 purposefully selected preservice
physics teachers through semi-structured interviews carried out at two different points in
time (before and after the course). These interviews will be analyzed through constant
comparative analysis and by means of in-vivo coding techniques. The findings of this study
will contribute to the increasing knowledge base of physics identity by offering insights into
how the development of strong/positive physics identities might be scaffolded with the use
of MR in the context of science teacher preparation.


ConferenceSchool of Education Doctoral Conference 2020
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