Exploring the genetics of asthma: from gene variants to targeted treatments


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    My PhD thesis aimed to improve our understanding and treatment of asthma. I focused on studying the genetic factors that contribute to asthma and how they affect the disease in different individuals. By investigating these genetic differences, I aimed to uncover new insights into the underlying mechanisms of asthma and identify potential targets for personalized treatment approaches. Through my research, I discovered specific genetic markers associated with asthma and explored their implications for different aspects of the disease, such as allergies and airway blockage. I also examined how genes are expressed in asthma-related tissues to gain a better understanding of the biological processes involved. One significant finding was related to a specific signalling pathway in the airways, which could have important implications for the development of targeted therapies. Overall, my thesis contributes to advancing our knowledge of asthma and lays the foundation for more personalized and effective strategies to diagnose and treat this complex condition.
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    StatusPublished - 2023


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