Export of planning knowledge needs comparative analysis: The case of applying Western land consolidation experience in Central Europe

T Van Dijk*

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Phenomena abroad is receiving increasing attention and exporting planning knowledge meets specific difficulties. This article tries to sustain two claims. First, it claims that advising and comparative research are linked, because the more options are known, the more likely it is that a well-suited strategy can be chosen. The second claim is that comparative analysis can be conducted on a number of levels of increasing complexity. These levels are referred to in this article as exhibiting, valuing, explaining and advising. Furthermore, each higher level analysis can only be applied after going through the former level. This article uses the case of land consolidation as an example.

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TijdschriftEuropean Planning Studies
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StatusPublished - okt-2002
EvenementInternational workshop on Cross-national Planning Pheonomena - AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
Duur: 16-dec-199917-dec-1999

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