Expressed emotion on long-stay wards

EJ Finnema, JW Louwerens, CJ Slooff, RJ VandenBosch

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We examined the influence of an educational programme on nurses' level of expressed emotion (EE), on ward climate and on social functioning and psychopathology of hospitalized schizophrenic patients. Nurses and patients were from long-stay wards of six Dutch psychiatric hospitals. Despite an increase of nurses' knowledge about schizophrenia we did not find measurable effects on nurses' levels of EE, According to the five minute speech sample method, a third of the nurses participating in this study had a high level of expressed emotion, mainly consisting of criticism. This was a rather stable pattern. Patients, however, were reluctant to give their nurses high EE ratings on the level of expressed emotion scale. Psychopathology was not influenced by the educational programme, but social functioning of patients was related to EE in nurses, Moreover, we found a significant decline in the number of restrictive ward rules at follow-up. We conclude that, while it may be difficult to detect changes in EE level after an educational programme for nurses, there nevertheless appear to be measurable bene fits for patients.

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TijdschriftJournal of Advanced Nursing
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StatusPublished - sep-1996

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