Facial Clefts and Associated Limb Anomalies. Description of Three Cases and a Review of the Literature

M. C. Obdeijn*, P. J. Offringa, R. R. M. Bos, A. A. E. Verhagen, F. B. Niessen, N. A. Roche

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Facial clefts are rare congenital malformations In the literature these are sometimes reported in combination with limb malformations, especially ring constrictions This article describes three children with facial clefts and limb ring constrictions with various expressions The first case has a lateral cleft with associated limb malformations This combination has, to our knowledge, not yet been reported The literature about facial clefting and the amniotic band syndrome and the possible etiology of clefting and constrictions in these cases are discussed

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TijdschriftCleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal
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StatusPublished - nov-2010

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