Facial fat grafting: Technique and Outcomes


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    The research performed in this thesis aimed to generate more clinical evidence in the field of facial fat grafting. Fat grafting literally means transplantation of autologous adipose tissue to another part of the body. Facial fat grafting is an established technique to restore facial volume, to correct volume deficiencies and to improve soft tissue contours. The overall aim of the research described in this thesis was to assess the volumetric outcome of and patient satisfaction with facial fat grafting when applying the best current processing technique and validated measuring tools.

    The research in thesis described the assessment of many different fat grafting techniques and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) isolation techniques for clinical use.

    In order to improve the scientific level of the assessment of facial fat grafting a new algorithm based automatic 3D volumetric analysis tool was designed resulting in “personalized aesthetic templates”. It is objectified that the 3D technique lead to accurate and reproducible volume analysis of predefined aesthetic areas after facial fat grafting.

    In clinical studies it became clear that the measured volumetric effect after facial fat grafting is area dependent. A hypothesis which is often assumed, but never been proved until now. This finding is very important knowledge for all facial surgeons in order to manage the expectations of the procedure. In addition, this thesis showed the major role of preoperative psychological well-being to the satisfaction of the result of facial fat grafting.
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