Factors Associated With Glaucoma Surgery in Pediatric Non-Infectious Uveitis

Charlotte L.L.I. van Meerwijk*, Wietse G. Wieringa, Joke H. de Boer, Nomdo M. Jansonius, Leonoor I. Los

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Purpose: To identify factors associated with glaucoma surgery in pediatric uveitis. 

Methods: Patients diagnosed with uveitis before their 18th birthday and with an observation period of at least one year were included in a retrospective case-control study. 

Results: A total of 185 patients were included, 84 of whom had undergone glaucoma surgery. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)-related uveitis was associated with undergoing glaucoma surgery (p = .002). In the JIA-subgroup, the presence of anterior segment complications (OR 3.1 (95% CI 1.0 to 9.6); P = .045) and an IOP > 21 mmHg during the first uveitis remission (OR 4.5 (95% CI 1.3 to 15.2); P = .015) were associated with an increased risk of glaucoma surgery. Sixty-eight percent of the cases needed glaucoma surgery within one year after they started IOP-lowering triple therapy. 

Conclusion: The risk profile for undergoing glaucoma surgery as outlined in this study is a valuable help to recognize and treat secondary glaucoma in a timely manner.

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StatusPublished - 2023

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