Factors influencing the adequacy of microencapsulation of rat pancreatic islets

Paul De Vos*, Bart De Haan, Gerrit H. J. Wolters, Reinout Van Schilfgaarde

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    The observation that only a portion of all alginate-polylysine microcapsules are overgrown after implantation suggests that physical imperfections of individual capsules, rather than the chemical composition of the material applied, are responsible for inducing insufficient biocompatibility and thereby fibrotic overgrowth of those capsules. We recently developed a lectin binding assay that allows for quantifying the portion of inadequately encapsulated islets, and demonstrated that inadequately encapsulated islets induce a fibrotic response associated with graft failure.

    The present study investigates factors influencing the adequacy of encapsulation of pancreatic islets, We applied our lectin binding assay and found that the number of inadequate, and particularly incomplete, capsules is influenced by the following factors. (1) A capsule diameter of 800 mu m is associated with a lower percentage of inadequate capsules than smaller (500 mu m and 600 mu m) or larger (1800 mu m) capsules. (2) A high rather than low guluronic acid content of the alginate is associated with a lower percentage of inadequate capsules, This can be explained, at least in part, by smaller ranges of swelling and subsequent shrinkage during the encapsulation procedure. (3) An increase in viscosity caused by applying a higher alginate concentration compensates for a low guluronic acid content, This effect of increased viscosity cannot be explained by a reduced range of swelling and shrinkage during the encapsulation procedure.

    We conclude that alginates with a high guluronic acid content and a viscosity near the filtration limit are preferable in order to minimize the number of inadequate capsules.

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    StatusPublished - 15-okt-1996

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