Family doctor-driven follow-up for adult childhood cancer survivors supported by a web-based survivor care plan

R. Blaauwbroek*, H. A. Barf, K. H. Groenier, L. C. Kremer, K. van der Meer, W. J. E. Tissing, A. Postma

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To facilitate family doctor-driven follow-up for adult childhood cancer survivors, we developed a survivor care plan (SCP) for adult survivors and their family doctors.

The SCP was accessible for survivors and their family doctors on a secure website and as a printed booklet. It included data on diagnosis, treatment and potential risks as well as recommendations for follow-up. Childhood cancer survivors who were off-treatment >= 5 years, aged >= 18 years and not involved in a long-term follow-up program were eligible. They were advised to visit their family doctor. The endpoints were numbers of participants, adherence of family doctors to the guidelines and satisfaction ratings.

The eligibility criteria were fulfilled by 108 survivors. Three family doctors and 15 survivors refused, 10 survivors were non-responders. Of the remaining 80 survivors, 73 survivors visited 72 family doctors. Sixty-nine (96%) family doctors returned data of whom 60 (83%) fully adhered to the recommended tests. The majority of survivors and family doctors were satisfied about the SCP.

A (web-based) SCP for survivors and family doctors can serve as an effective communication vehicle to provide adequate shared care by the long-term follow-up clinic and family doctors.

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TijdschriftJournal of cancer survivorship-Research and practice
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StatusPublished - jun.-2012

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