Fascist Latin Texts

Han Lamers (Redacteur), Bettina Reitz-Joosse (Redacteur)



    FLT (Fascist Latin Texts) is a digital library of Latin texts on subjects relating to Fascism and written under Mussolini's regime (1922–1943). It includes works of both prose and poetry, such as textbooks for school children, eulogies of Mussolini and his regime, epic poems on Italy’s colonial wars, or translations of some of Mussolini’s speeches. FLT also aims to offer short scholarly introductions to all authors and texts. This is a work in progress, and new introductions are added regularly. We also continue to publish new Latin texts as they come to light.
    The Fascist Latin inscriptions of the city of Rome have their own section in the library. They are accompanied by images, short introductions and translations. Once all the Roman material has been published, inscriptions from other parts of Italy will be added.
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    UitgeverOslo University
    StatusPublished - jan.-2022

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