Fastening our Wadden Sea seat belts: Protecting natural values in times of rapid climate change

Catharina J.M. Philippart, Kees Bastmeijer, Piet Hoekstra



Climate change, in particular warming, is already impacting on the Wadden Sea ecosystem and, even if we manage to seriously limit the emissions of CO2 at short notice, these impacts are not expected to slow down during the next decades. These developments challenge the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage and other natural values protected under international conventions and EU directives. These legal regimes vary in objectives and requirements for restoration measures. In this essay, we explore some of the consequences of climate change for the natural values of the Wadden Sea in relation to such legal objectives and obligations and identify issues that require further research.
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Plaats van productieWilhelmshaven
UitgeverijCommon Wadden Sea Secretariat
StatusPublished - dec.-2020
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