Fecal incontinence: an update on available techniques in diagnosis and treatment

Marjolein Blussé van Oud-Alblas*, Bastiaan J M Thomeer, Hester J Stam, Adriaan J van Overbeeke, Esther C J Consten

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Fecal incontinence remains a major problem with significant social and medical implications. Its causes are diverse and not always apparent. Therefore, diagnostic workup is essential to find the underlying cause and initiate adequate treatment. Treatment options include conservative interventions and surgical procedures. To improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from fecal incontinence, an update and overview of available techniques can be helpful. This chapter includes indications and complications in conservative and surgical treatment. It also includes flowcharts for everyday practice.

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TijdschriftSurgical technology international
StatusPublished - 2008
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