Feel the Rhythm - Embedded & embodied communication of a deafblind girl

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How would you communicate if you would not see or hear anything? Although this may seem impossible, this is exactly what deafblind persons have to do each day. When you look at the communication of a deafblind child in detail, interesting patterns like interaction, turn taking, imitation and taking initiative emerge. Within this project, the departments of Developmental Psychology and Special Education – Congenital and Early Acquired Deafblindness have teamed up to come to a deeper understanding of the interaction between a deafblind girl and her daily supervisor. Insights from both fields will be combined to capture the dynamics of this interactions. By getting a grip on the real-time processes that underlie the communication between the deafblind girl and her supervisor, this project intends to contribute to both the practical and scientific field.
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StatusPublished - 8-apr.-2015
EvenementHeymans Symposium 2015 - De Puddingfabriek, Groningen, Netherlands
Duur: 8-apr.-20158-apr.-2015


ConferenceHeymans Symposium 2015

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