Film Language Integrated Learning: A Usage-Inspired L2 Teaching Approach

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Recent decades have seen an increase in the use of authentic video materials in second or foreign language teaching (L2). Film Language Integrated Learning (FLIL) is a usage-inspired L2 teaching approach that seeks to combine insights from the dynamic usage-based (DUB) approach to language with the use of these video materials in the classroom. Consequently, FLIL uses popular films to provide (nearly) authentic, contextualised target language input. This input is scaf-folded through repetition, a focus on chunks and visual support, such as captions and additional images. This chapter discusses two variants of the FLIL approach: stand-alone and embedded FLIL. Stand-alone FLIL incorporates short film scenes into a somewhat fixed instructional sequence that forms a complete teaching approach in itself. Three empirical studies, Hong (2013), Koster (2015) and Irshad (2015), provide evidence for its effectiveness on broad General English Proficiency (GEP) measures and writing proficiency. Embedded FLIL uses elements from stand-alone FLIL inside a broader language course, which allows for more learner output. Four embedded FLIL courses for Italian, German and Russian as a foreign language are currently taught at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), and are generally perceived favourably by students. Further development of and research into FLIL implementa-tions could focus specifically on testing free spoken proficiency, teasing apart the impact of different elements of the FLIL approach and match-ing materials with learner needs.
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