Final report on pilot study CCQM-P211: carbon isotope delta measurements of vanillin

Michelle M G Chartrand, Fuu Ming Kai, Harro A J Meijer, Heiko Moossen, Haiping Qi, Anita T Aerts-Bijma, Yuxi Cui, Heike Geilmann, Zoltan Mester, Juris Meija

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This pilot study was conducted in parallel to the key comparison CCQM-K167. Vials containing 0.25 mg of vanillin were prepared at NRC and distributed to four participating institutes. Institutes could choose any suitable reference materials and methodology to perform carbon isotope delta measurements. Participants reported analysis details, and a carbon isotope delta value and associated uncertainty for the vanillin sample. Each of the carbon isotope delta results of vanillin were compared to the KCRV established from CCQM-K167, and metrological compatibility to the KCRV was determined. Three expert laboratories participated in this study, and their reported results serve as a benchmark to compare the performance of all other participants to these world-class institutes.
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StatusPublished - 18-feb.-2022

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