Fine mapping of the 1q21 breakpoint of the papillary venal cell carcinoma-associated (X;1) translocation

MAJ Weterman*, T Dijkhuizen, E vandenBerg, AG vanKessel

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    A combination of Southern blot analysis on a panel of tumor-derived somatic cell hybrids and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) techniques was used to map a series of DNA markers relative to the 1q21 breakpoint of the renal cell carcinoma (RCC)-associated (X;1)-(p11;q21) translocation. This breakpoint maps between several members of the S100 family which are clustered in the 1q21 region and a conserved region between man and mouse containing the markers SPTA1-CRP-APCS-FcER1A-ATP1A2-APOA2. The location of the breakpoint coincides with the transition of a region of synteny of human chromosome 1 with mouse chromosomes 3 and 1.

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    StatusPublished - jul-1996

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