Fit4SurgeryTV at-home prehabilitation for frail elderly planned for colorectal cancer surgery: a pilot study.

E.R.J. Bruns, T.E. Argillander, H.J. Schuijt, P van Duijvendijk, Edwin S. van der Zaag, E. Wassenaar, Michael F. Gerhards, Esther C. Consten, CJ Buskens, B.C. van Munster, Willem A. Bemelman

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The preoperative phase is a potential window of opportunity. Although frail elderly patients are known to be more prone to postoperative complications, they are often not considered capable of accomplishing a full prehabilitation program. The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of Fit4SurgeryTV, an at-home prehabilitation program specifically designed for frail elderly with colorectal cancer (CRC).

The Fit4SurgeryTV program consisted of a daily elderly-adapted computer-supported strength training workout and two protein-rich meals. Frail patients ≥70 years with CRC were included. The program was considered feasible if 80% of the patients would be able to complete 70% of the program.

Fourteen patients (median age 79, 5 males) participated. At baseline, 86% patients were physically impaired and 64% were at risk for malnourishment. Median duration of the program was 26 days. The program was feasible as patients followed the exercises for 6/7 (86%) days and prepared the recipes 5/7 (71%) days per week. Patients specifically appreciated at-home exercises.

This study showed that at-home prehabilitation in frail elderly with CRC is feasible. As a result, patients might be fitter for surgery and might recover faster. The perioperative period could serve as a pivotal time point in reverting complications of immobility.
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TijdschriftAmerican Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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StatusPublished - mei-2019

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