Food intake and darunavir plasma concentrations in people living with HIV in an outpatient setting

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Patients receiving darunavir are advised to take it concomitantly with food. The objectives of the present cross-sectional study were to evaluate the actual concomitant food intake of patients visiting an HIV outpatient clinic.


Sixty participants treated with darunavir/ritonavir once daily were subjected to a food recall questionnaire concerning their last concomitant food intake with darunavir. Darunavir trough concentrations were calculated.


The median food intake was 507 (0-2707) kcal; protein intake, 20 (0-221)g; carbohydrate intake, 62 (0-267)g; fat intake: 14 (0-143)g; and dietary fibre: 4 (0-30)g. Twenty-five patients (42%) ingested their drug with between-meal snacks. No relationship was found between food intake and trough concentrations.


Clear advice on the optimal caloric intake is needed, to avoid high caloric intake in patients who already have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to their HIV infection.

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