Foreground removal using fastica: A showcase of LOFAR-EoR

Emma Chapman*, Filipe B. Abdalla, Geraint Harker, Vibor Jelic, Panagiotis Labropoulos, Saleem Zaroubi, Michiel A. Brentjens, A. G. de Bruyn, L. V. E. Koopmans

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We introduce a new implementation of the fastica algorithm on simulated Low Frequency Array Epoch of Reionization data with the aim of accurately removing the foregrounds and extracting the 21-cm reionization signal. We find that the method successfully removes the foregrounds with an average fitting error of 0.5 per cent and that the 2D and 3D power spectra are recovered across the frequency range. We find that for scales above several point spread function scales, the 21-cm variance is successfully recovered though there is evidence of noise leakage into the reconstructed foreground components. We find that this blind independent component analysis technique provides encouraging results without the danger of prior foreground assumptions.

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TijdschriftMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
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StatusPublished - jul.-2012

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