From 1D to 3D: Tunable Sub-10 nm Gaps in Large Area Devices

Ziwei Zhou, Zhiyuan Zhao, Ye Yu, Bin Ai, Helmuth Möhwald, Ryan C. Chiechi, Joel K. W. Yang, Gang Zhang

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Tunable sub-10 nm 1D nanogaps are fabricated based on nanoskiving. The electric field in different sized nanogaps is investigated theoretically and experimentally, yielding nonmonotonic dependence and an optimized gap-width (5 nm). 2D nanogap-arrays are fabricated to pack denser gaps combining surface patterning techniques. Innovatively, 3D multistory nanogaps are built via a stacking procedure, processing higher integration, and much improved electric field.

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Pagina's (van-tot)2956-2963
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TijdschriftAdvanced materials
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StatusPublished - 18-feb-2016

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