Van Hogeland naar Veen en Stad: Smit/Kuiper(s/Luden)/Steendam

Richard Paping, Wortelboer Jan-Paul A.



    A description is given of the offspring of a well-to do farmer Sjabbe Julles, living around 1630 in the Groningen clay area (Uithuizermeeden). The article shows that both geographical and social mobility was extremely high in this family. Many descendants impoverished around 1700, while in direct line migration took place after 1750 to both the city of Groningen and the Groningen peat districts.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageFrom Hogeland to Peat Districsts and City: Smit/Kuiper(s/Luden/Steendam
    Originele taal-2Dutch
    Pagina's (van-tot)16-40
    Aantal pagina's25
    Volume59 (2014)
    StatusPublished - 5-jun-2020

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