Fused button battery

Marnix Wagemaker (Uitvinder), Tjark Ebels (Uitvinder), Frederik Gerhard Dikkers (Uitvinder), Fransiscus Guntherus Bernardus Ooms (Uitvinder)


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The present invention relates to a single cell cylindrical battery, such as a button cell or a button battery, that can be regarded to have the shape of a slice of a cylinder, and to a method preventing upper digestive and upper respiratory tract injury after accidental ingestion of the single cell cylindrical battery. It is noted that in some case ingestion has even led to the death in particular of children or small size adults, or people with a mental limitation, or people with a prior narrowing of structures in which the battery can be lodged. The structures in which the battery can be lodged are both the pharyngeal, upper digestive and upper respiratory tracts. As ingestion itself can not always be prevented, a relatively safe battery has been developed, which mitigates problems associated with ingestion.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 7-jul.-2022


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