Gauged matter coupling in N = 4 supergravity

M. de Roo, P. Wagemans


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Gauged N = 4 supergravity with an arbitrary number of matter multiplets is constructed from a superconformal starting point. It includes both the SO(4) and SU(4) symmetric N = 4 supergravity theories, and all their gaugings. Noncompact Yang-Mills symmetries may mix the matter and supergravity vector fields. We establish that in matter coupled N = 4 supergravity theories the super-Higgs effect can occur with a vanishing cosmological constant. An example is given with gauged SO(3) × SO(2, 1) symmetry in which the scalar potential vanishes completely, and all four supersymmetries are broken.
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TijdschriftNuclear Physics B
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StatusPublished - 1985

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