Gender and International development: Searching for game changers in the midst of polarisation

Brenda Bartelink*

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    This chapter explores how the polarization around religion and gender that plays out in contemporary international politics affects international development. It is that game changers in the context of polarization cannot be found by focusing on the loudest voices. The chapter explores the work of actors that are situated in the middle: religious feminists and religious development NGOs, in terms of how these actors navigate the polarization around religion and gender. It will conclude that rather than allowing the polarization in international politics to influence what happens at the grassroots, international development actors are uniquely equipped to depolarize by building networks and alliances in the middle that offer more inclusive language and approaches to promote gender equality and challenge gender-based violence. The chapter reflects on challenges and potential pitfalls of religious feminist and religious NGO approaches in their efforts to realize gender equality as part of their religious missions.
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