Gene expression profiling of breast cancer cell lines treated with proton and electron radiations

Valentina Bravatà, Luigi Minafra, Francesco Paolo Cammarata, Pietro Pisciotta, De Bora Lamia, Valentina Marchese, Giada Petringa, Lorenzo Manti, Giuseppe A.P. Cirrone, Maria Carla Gilardi, Giacomo Cuttone, Giusi Irma Forte*, Giorgio Russo

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Objective: Technological advances in radiation therapy are evolving with the use of hadrons, such as protons, indicated for tumors where conventional radiotherapy does not give significant advantages or for tumors located in sensitive regions, which need the maximum of dose-saving of the surrounding healthy tissues. The genomic response to conventional and non-conventional linear energy transfer exposure is a poor investigated topic and became an issue of radiobiological interest. The aim of this work was to analyze and compare molecular responses in term of gene expression profiles, induced by electron and proton irradiation in breast cancer cell lines.

Methods: We studied the gene expression profiling differences by cDNA microarray activated in response to electron and proton irradiation with different linear energy transfer values, among three breast cell lines (the tumorigenic MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 and the non-tumorigenic MCF10A), exposed to the same sublethal dose of 9 Gy. 

Results: Gene expression profiling pathway analyses showed the activation of different signaling and molecular networks in a cell line and radiation type-dependent manner. MCF10A and MDA-MB-231 cell lines were found to induce factors and pathways involved in the immunological process control. 

Conclusion: Here, we describe in a detailed way the gene expression profiling and pathways activated after electron and proton irradiation in breast cancer cells. Summarizing, although specific pathways are activated in a radiation type-dependent manner, each cell line activates overall similar molecular networks in response to both these two types of ionizing radiation.

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TijdschriftBritish journal of radiology
Nummer van het tijdschrift1089
StatusPublished - 2018
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