Genotypic relationships between Prochloron samples from different localities and hosts as determined by DNA-DNA reassociations

Wytze T. Stam*, Stella A. Boele-Bos, Ben K. Stulp

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Genotypic relationships between seven Prochloron samples isolated from different didemnid ascidian hosts collected at the Palau archipelago and Munda (Solomon Islands) and one cyanobacterial (Synechocystis) strain were determined by DNA-DNA reassociations. Thermal stability values of DNA-DNA hybrids indicate that all Prochloron samples involved are mutually very closely related and only slightly related with the Synechocystis strain. It is concluded that the Prochloron samples tested are representatives of one and the same species.
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TijdschriftArchives of Microbiology
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StatusPublished - 1985

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