Geriatric syndromes; prevalence, associated factors and outcomes

Christian Rausch


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    The older population segment, i.e. those aged 65 years and older, is growing worldwide. Life expectancy is increasing, and older people are living longer with multiple and more complex health problems. Becoming older can also turn "pathological" when changes on molecular and cellular level accumulate, and dysfunctions in various organ systems present. Geriatric syndromes like incontinence, vision and hearing problems, depressive symptoms, sleeping problems, frailty, cognitive impairments, falls and polypharmacy are among the more common complex health and health-related conditions among older people. This thesis aims to further elucidate the role of geriatric syndromes among older people´s health, as well as the association between geriatric syndromes and social position, health behaviors and health status. This thesis is also assessing the effect of geriatric syndromes on hospital admissions and death in the context of poisoning.
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